Stuff you NEED to know!

What Does this mean?

Licensed Contractor – Is certified by the California State Licensing board. Must have insurance and bonds, this keeps them financially responsible for their safety and actions and those of their employees. Ensure your contractor’s license is valid here:

Certified Arborist – must have 3 years experience verified in the trade. Must pass tests that include tree biology, emergency tree care, safety, rigging, amongst other rigorous tests. The industry standards test is further education testing that covers these topics and more. This test can only be taken by certified arborists. Must do continuing education to keep license. Check certifications here:

Worker’s Comp- provides workers with state backed insurance to cover on the job injuries.

What does it mean for me?

If your service providers don’t have a contractor’s license, they become your employee, you are responsible for their actions and injuries. Even if they have liability insurance. Not all licenses are the same! Business licenses are not Contractor’s Licenses! Travis is a licensed contractor #909435

Having a certified arborist means you can rest knowing your trees will not be hacked and pruned beyond their tolerances. You know that your certified arborist knows how to keep themselves, the trees, employees and property safe. Travis Criss #WE 7675A is an International Society of Arborculture certified arborist.

Ensure your contractor carries worker’s comp insurance to protect you from possible injury related lawsuits do to work being completed on your property. Criss Tree Care carries worker’s comp and limited liability.

How do I know a tree needs to come down?

Do I Need to Have My Tree Removed from My Property?

It is question we get from many property owners. Knowing when to call in a professional tree removal team is critical to the protection of you, your family, and your home. While a severely leaning or fallen tree provides an obvious sign that you need to give us a call, how do you know if your tree poses a threat?

Dead or Falling Limbs

Whether you have noticed a skirt of dead branches around your tree or dying limbs are visible from below, this is a strong indicator that your tree could spell trouble in the near future. Sometimes referred to as widowmakers, these branches could cause severe property or physical damage if they come crashing down. Criss Tree Care can provide safe removal of these limbs or complete removal of your tree if its health has been compromised. 

No Growth or Tree Appears Unhealthy

From a lack of growth during the spring and summer months to the presence of fungus, decay, or other pest and parasites, there can be a multitude of issues that can affect the life and, consequently, the overall safety of your tree. An unhealthy tree is unlikely to be able to weather strong winds or heavy rains, increasing the likelihood of having it fall. Our certified arborist and skilled tree team will assess the health and condition of your tree to advise if it is treatable or if it should be removed.